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TimeTicket GmbH
(Switzerland entity)

TimeTicket GmbH is a subsidiary of TimeTicket, Inc. It has been established to oversee the IEO, to develop TimeCoinProtocol (TCP) and the TimeTicket dApp, and to promote the protocol’s decentralized services. TimeTicket GmbH is 100% owned by TimeTicket, Inc.

TimeTicket, Inc. and Globalway, Inc. (Japan entities)

TimeTicket, Inc. was established in April 2019. The company successfully raised more than $2 Million USD from investors and operates a sharing economy service platform called TimeTicket. Globalway, Inc., which is its parent company, is an experienced leader in web and IT enterprises with a track record for pioneering forward-thinking solutions. Globalway’s service group has over 50 million users annually and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

A sharing economy service platform, TimeTicket

TimeTicket functions as an intermediary between people who want to provide services by selling their own time and people who want to purchase them. ‘TimeTicket’ allows users to buy and sell personal time in 30-minute unit. TimeTicket has grown rapidly since the service has launched.Gross Merchandise Value, the total value of merchandise sold on the platform, have increased more than 30-fold within three years and half. The number of users has now reached approximately 250,000.

TimeTicket Transaction Growth (Million JPY)
TimeTicket Transaction Growth 20-fold increase in 3years