Core team

Masato Kakamu in
CEO, TimeTicket, Inc.
CEO, TimeTicket GmbH
CEO, Globalway, Inc.
Co-head of TimeTicket business

In 2004 Masato Kakamu founded Globalway, which he successfully led to a listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2016. Prior to running his own business, Masato was involved in algorithm trading and risk management systems for UBS and Deutsche Bank. He helped to launch the Japanese subsidiary of webMethods (now Software AG), a US enterprise software company for large corporations.
Masato has already made significant accomplishments in sharing economy services, leading the TimeTicket business to grow further.

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Masahiko Akahori in
Director, Globalway, Inc.

Masahiko Akahori started off his career path in corporate investments and business partnerships at CA MOBILE, LTD. (now CAM, Inc.).
In 2010, he joined Serendip Consulting Co., Ltd. helping business reconstruction through corporate investment and active management participation in investee companies. Later on, he was appointed a director of the company leading the Corporate Department of the entire group operations. In 2019, he became the head of the Corporate Planning Department at Management Solutions Co., Ltd. being involved in mid-term business plan/budget formulation, capital and business alliance, and in-house project management.
In June 2020, Masahiko was appointed a director of Globalway, Inc., providing expertise in a wide range of corporate areas.

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Yukihide Yana in
Director, Globalway, Inc.

After working for NTT Software Corporation (now NTT TechnoCross Corporation), Yukihide joined Globalway, Inc. in 2015. As a manager, he was engaged in building the API integration platform and IoT platform as well as helping Salesforce implementation. Later on, he joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC, being involved in the global business expansion of connected cars and the development of API guidelines for finance.
In 2020, Yukihide returned to Globalway, Inc. as the head of the Business Application Department and became a director. His specialty areas are IT architecture formulation and digital transformation support utilizing API and IoT.

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Takuto Kondo
CTO, TimeTicket Inc.

Takuto Kondo was engaged in system projects and the launch of new projects for major financial institutions at a system integration company. In 2012, Takuto joined mulodo Inc. where he played major roles in the set-up of an offshore development base and in management. He was in charge of managing, training and recruitment for all in-house projects and successfully scaled up the base operation from 25 to 100 staff members after he had initially been transferred.
In 2017, Takuto became the Vice President of Engineering and was an Executive Officer at nana music, Inc. He was appointed the CTO at TimeTicket, Inc. in September 2020.

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Yuichiro Hayashi
CRO, TimeTicket Inc.

Yuichiro Hayashi was involved in the management of large-scale projects for core systems at a system integration company that provides solutions mainly for its parent and associated companies. In 2000, Yuichiro joined BayCurrent Consulting, Inc. as a founding partner where he took up various roles such as finding new corporate clients (large companies and major IT system integration companies) as well as recruiting, training, and project management. Yuichiro was also engaged in scaling up the IT consulting and development business as well as sales management for large-scale projects involving hundreds of man hours.
Yuichiro became the CRO at TimeTicket, Inc. in November 2020.

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Ayako Moritomo in
CDO, TimeTicket Inc.

Ayako Moritomo started her web design journey after graduating from Musashino Art University where she specialised in visual communication design. Her talent has won some prestigious awards including the Grand Prix and the Accessibility Award at the Web Grand Prix.
Before joining TimeTicket Inc., she successfully secured jobs for multiple competitions at a digital marketing agency and worked as a product manager at an IT venture company specialising in the food industry.
Ayako holds the first grade of the Sikisai Kentei (test on knowledge about colour) and learnt typography at Robundo, which illustrate her conscientious approach to mastering basic skills from analog to digital.

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Shinichiro Takata
Engineering Manager, TimeTicket Inc.

Shinichiro Takata specialises in system design, system development and system operation centred around infrastructure and backend. He has development experience in a wide range of fields such as 3D projection systems, simulation programs for industry-academia collaboration projects, and large-scale advertisement distribution systems for traffic in the tens of billions per month.

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Tomohiro Arai
Engineering Manager, TimeTicket Inc.

Tomohiro Arai has extensive experience as a business systems integrator from upstream to downstream. With his work know-how, he has been building systems in various jobs. He has also been involved in the production of smartphone apps such as games and e-books and has experience in a wide range of fields from server-side to application engineer.

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Kaori Nakayama
Manager of the Customer Success Department, TimeTicket Inc.

Kaori Nakayama was involved in the establishment of a new inbound call centre and oversaw the operation in the psychological counselling industry.
Later on, she was engaged in the establishment of a new call centre in the Sales Department specializing in outbound calls in the cosmetics industry as well as recruiting and being responsible for business targets through formulating plans to boost sales and the training of operators.
Kaori Joined TimeTicket Inc. in November 2019.

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Ikumi Chiba
TimeTicket Life, TimeTicket Inc.

As a freelance writer and editor, Ikumi was writing, proofreading, and editing in multiple media such as curation media run by major real estate rental sites and publishers. She was also involved in the management and training of writers.
Ikumi joined TimeTicket Life since its launch in August 2019 and works as an editor in the TimeTicket Life Editorial Department. She is mainly involved in planning, writing, proofreading, and editing of articles in web media.

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Kenta Yamazaki in
Manager of the Sales Department, TimeTicket Inc.

After working as a career adviser in a company that specializes in temporary staffing/recruiting for the IT industry, he worked in human resources and sales at a development company.
Throughout his career, he has worked in the IT industry for a long time and has contributed to business expansion while maintaining contact with many people from a variety of industries and jobs such as developers and designers. He was also involved in the start-up of a new online programming-school business.
Kenta joined TimeTicket Inc. in May 2019.

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Yoshihiko Inoue
Sales Department, TimeTicket Inc.

Yoshihiko Inoue landed his first job at a sales agency and was mainly engaged in new customer acquisition and providing consulting for its existing customers.
After changing his job, he was involved in service sales based on crowdsourcing and sales proposals of freelancers at an IT company.
Yoshihiko joined TimeTicket Inc. in November 2019.

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Keisuke Ito
Sales Department, TimeTicket Inc.

Keisuke Ito got his first job at a management consulting company for dental clinics and was engaged in web marketing, mainly customer acquisition and analysing websites.
He joined Globalway, Inc. and worked as a career consultant as well as working in sales finding new corporate customers.
Keisuke was transferred to TimeTicket Inc. in January 2020.

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Shota Nishijima
Inside Sales Manager, TimeTicket Inc.

Shota Nishijima has experience in mid-career recruitment support for more than 200 companies and in job-changing support for more than 800 people for the IT and Internet industries.
He also helped to launch inside sales in the IT industry and contributed to boosting sales by implementing various measures including getting young employees trained quickly, increasing the number of business negotiations and improving the quality of business negotiations.

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Yuya Nemoto in
Director, Globalway, Inc.

Since 2017 Yuya Nemoto has spearheaded business growth for Globalway. He began his professional career at Recruit Holdings where he was involved in promoting each project for planning RikuNabi NEXT and defining its development specifications. He transitioned to SUUMO group company Homepro in 2009, managing a large-scale upgrade of the end-to-end user, client, and back-office systems. He also implemented automatic matching using big data as part of the improvement to business-side profitability.
Yuya received numerous awards during his tenure in both organizations including MVP, the best practice award, and the innovation award.

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Yumiko Ibe in
Service Planning Manager, CEO room, Globalway, Inc.

Yumiko Ibe was a key player in the establishment of Career Connection and served as the product manager. Her experience in strategic planning and design is invaluable in maintaining service links between Career Connection and TimeTicket. Ibe has won several promotions in her time at Globalway and was previously employed as a business app engineer. She holds an MBA from the Open University Business School (UK).

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Kazuki Sakurai
Editor-in-chief of Career Connection News, Social Web Media Department, Globalway, Inc.

Kazuki Sakurai is the editor-in-chief of Career Connection News, a wholly-owned media service of Career Connection. As a former journalist Sakurai crafts articles on the topics of professional advice and career progression. By March 2018, he had grown Career Connection News to 12 million page views per month. He is also involved in monetization, advertising, and the planning of tie-up articles.

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Hiroshi Sato in
Senior Web Designer, Social Web Media Department, Globalway, Inc.

Hiroshi Sato is an experienced designer who has created many Globalway sites including Career Connection and Career Connection Tenshoku. He has been involved in the production of many websites at multiple production companies.

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TimeTicket business auditing team

Masayuki Kuroda
Director, Globalway, Inc.

Masayuki Kuroda has been involved in the planning and development of job hunting services and mid-career recruitment services since 1988. From 2006-2014, he worked as the editor-in-chief of Rikunabi Next during the period in which recruitment media began to shift to online platforms. Since 2011 he has been involved in the reorganization of the media and employee placement businesses, promoting the development of a database and platform for the job search market. In June 2014 he established Lucent Doors Corporation, the primary focus of which is the theme of “suitable matching for middle generations (in their 30s and 40s),” which had been a long-standing issue in the Japanese recruitment market. Kuroda assumed the position of Globalway Outside Director in 2015.

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Takanori Naoi
Auditor, Globalway, Inc.

Takanori Naoi was senior manager in charge of the intellectual property department at Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. He assumed the position of Globalway Auditor in 2014.

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Tetsuro Takemoto

Tetsuro Takemoto has been building robots since the age of 15, learning robot design through self-study. Tetsuro has twelve years of experience in software/hardware development, UI/UX design, and planning. He has worked on a large-scale ad server, mobile games, O2O mobile application platform, and various other projects. Currently, he is supporting the TCP IEO and building dApps, and is highly motivated is to create ecosystems for all blockchain projects.

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Nobuaki Watanabe in
Managing Director, Contentserv Japan

Nobuaki Watanabe is among the initial team who helped launch Globalway. He supervised cloud application development for large-scale corporations. Nobuaki is an expert in blockchain, fintech, and cloud-based systems and supports the technological aspects of TimeTicket and TCP. Before Globalway, Watanabe was engaged as an IT consultant at NTT Software and webMethods (now Software AG). He is particularly skilled in the consultation, development, and management of system mission critical infrastructure, and will take a lead role in the development of the blockchain for TCP.

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Emma Ikawa in

Emma Ikawa has experience in developing trading systems and financial systems, project management, developing algorithms, sales and marketing, and client management in financial institutions including Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, KBC Securities, and Barclays Capital across the globe for over 16years. Emma also has experience in accounting, trading equities, and working with derivatives and quants team to offer financial products and services to international clients.

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Leona Amemiya

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics of Hosei University, Leona Amemiya joined HIKARI TSUSHIN, Inc. where he held key positions including the head of Sales and the head of Human Resources.
In 2003, Leona joined the company now known as Recruit Career. At the age of 30, he became the youngest CEO of one of the subsidiaries of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. and held key senior positions including the CEO and an Executive Officer for several companies under Recruit Holdings. In 2013, he became a partner of Recruit Holdings and resigned in the same year. In January 2014, Leona became the CEO at I am & Interworks (now Interworks, Inc.) and led the company to a listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market and the First Section.
Leona established the Smart Agency company in 2017. He has been actively supporting over 30 venture companies with sales and marketing strategies while being an adviser to other companies.

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Andre Sudo

Andre Sudo specializes in investment bank underwriting and in management. He started his career in the investment banking division, underwriting Samurai bonds and underwriting of real estate securitization. Later on, he held a management position in the business strategy team for overseas investment projects at a general trading company.
Currently, Andre is a consultant for business strategy and financing for technology start-ups and security token projects.

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